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BLOODPUNCH starring Jean Claude Van Damme - watch more funny videos

That one time I thought I was a monkey street fighter and got my ass kicked by JCVD. 

I just got 3D scanned. Coming to a @robotoki video game soon.

Someone leveled up to Director status for the day.  #skylanders @radnerd
When you see it you’ll omgwtfbbq! @rockme_re @trayceeking @saraerfletcher  #MuffinScouts
#StayGold, Pony Boy!


Ritual costumes tribes of West Africa.

(via modernprimitive)

Hipster Tech
Great breakfast spot a few doors next to @meltdowncomics  (at Elderberries)
Enjoying funemployment at
Balls (at Weddington Golf And Tennis)
Catching up w/ @ryan_keely and friends.  (at The Local Peasant)
Throwback to when I apparently juiced it…